SharePoint Hax removing the horizontal scrollbar

Posted by ben 26. January 2010 20:32

SharePoint is a really powerful beast, but I really dislike everything to do with it's layout. The fact that you can have one simple button wrapped in 7 nested tables really gets my back up.

One thing that has been annoying me is I always had a horizontal scrollbar on the page, regardless of the screen resolution and browser.

In SharePoint (2007) the entire page is wrapped in a table with class ms-main. The table itself has the *depreciated* width attribute set to 100%. A bit of playing around in Firebug showed that if I reduced this it would get rid of the scrollbars. However, even setting to 99% would mean that on larger monitors I would end up with a substantial gap.

The solution was to add overflow:hidden in my theme's stylesheet. Since there was no "real" overflow this does not cause any problems and gets rid of that pesky scroll bar { overflow:hidden;}

Happy days

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